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Our Story

Dee has always had a love for flowers and for brightening other's days at the drop of a hat. Prior to Arrange This N That, Dee loved making flower arrangements for others out of her kitchen, garage, or any empty space she could find. Whether it was for a nursing facility, for hospice patients, elderly friends and family, or for so many of life's challenging days and even more for the fun celebrations - Denise always has an arrangement at the top of her mind. They say 'If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.' Thus meet Arrange This N That. 



Dee loves weddings because it's the most magical and beautiful day of the Bride and Groom's lives and she loves getting to be a part of their new chapter together. Whether it's creating the perfect centerpiece, the bouquet of your dreams or the breathtaking floral details as you walk down the aisle - Arrange This N That is here for all your wedding day needs. 


Whether it's a baby shower, birthday party, anniversary, funeral or anything in between, Arrange This N That has your next event covered. 

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